From Restaurants to Cocktail bars Indigo is back in a big way. It’s intensity and opulence is used in a variety of colourways from decorative weaves to adorn chair backs with black lacquer chair legs to Large velvet curtains and textured wall coverings. The range of colour expands from fabric to marble where lapis lazuli adds grandeur to entrances and even rest rooms. Paired with silver, gold or cream it oozes sophistication.

The most stunning use of inky Indigos is apparent when you visit the Louis XV Grill in Monte Carlo. With its stunning views a serene ambience is created through soothing shades of blue throughout in a nautical theme through various aspects of soft furnishings, and artwork. The restaurant is an homage to the seas and skies where star maps adorn the plates and the opening roof panels feature all the star constellations from the Zodiac. This tasteful use of colour is a feast for the eyes and accompanies perfectly your heavenly Michelin star menu. I defy anyone who does not walk away from such a dining experience and decor not feeling an inner peace and tranquility. But then there is the delicate question of settling the bill.

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