Rarely do you meet an artist with such sensibility and this is immediately apparent when I visited Willow’s waterside studio in May. She kindly opened her doors to the public sharing her most intimate art pieces for The Chichester Art Trail.

Situated in a idyllic setting with stunning views overlooking a small creek, her studio shelves are full of sketches, drawings, carvings and artworks from stone illustrating the local wildlife that visits her garden. Each one draws you in by their carefully studied movements and playful charm. She manages to capture her subjects inner calm and the essence of beauty in their form bringing life and joy to each one. Animals, and birds, share this tranquil space with her studies of the human form, from large cast bronze portraits to small delicate studies of babies, each one treated with the utmost respect. Upon leaving I found it hard not to be moved by her exquisite art pieces.

To discover more of Willows studio, visit my Instagram page @sussexcraftcollective